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What’s in a headline

June 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Interesting twist on statistics in a story in today’s Globe and Mail.

It’s a story based on a survey of people visiting sexual-health clinics in the Netherlands. Headline: “Swingers’ STI rates higher than prostitutes, study says.”

Correct as far as it goes but not, in my opinion. the most interesting aspect of the story. Here are the stats on the sexual practices of people with STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) visitng the clinics::

  • Swingers – 10.4 per cent infection rates
  • Straight people – “just over 10 per cent”
  • Female prostitutes – “just under 5 per cent”

Key takeawayfact in all this – BOTH straights and swingers showed higher infection rates than the hookers. The headline I’d have put on this story:

“Prostitutes healthier than straights or swingers.”

But would that be too embarrassing to too many people?


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